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Starting March 6, 2019, C4B meets every Wednesday 9:30-11:30 AM at NCI Shady Grove 7E030 (webconf gotomeeting) to experiment and keep up with advances in the use of Cloud and Web Computing for Cancer Research. This is a coder’s meeting so please bring your laptop and your problems. The data intensive nature of this domain calls for the creation and analysis of BigData that can then be used to contextualize individual observations - the computational essence of Precision Medicine. The development of Serverless Web Services and Applications are therefore a major practical focus of this group.


Being a programmer is not a requirement, but wanting to be one definitely is. If you don’t have a programmer habit already, it may help to first camp out at While JavaScript (from browser to node) indeed is “the assembler language of the Web”, you are of course welcome to proselytize other programming environments, particularly those geared towards Data Science and Machine Learning applications such as R and Python. Remember this is about portable applications and services at scale. Cloud FaaS (Function as a Service) such as AWS Lambda, Google Functions, Azure functions or virtualized applications will still have to be able to carry the load. In that regard, higher level BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) such as GraphQL, the interoperability mechanism of Data Commons, including, are particularly welcome.


Just show up at the meeting site and introduce yourself. Remote participation will also be available after that. The space is available weekly, you are welcome whenever you have the time, or a problem. Better both. To engage and contribute to agenda use wiki at


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